Our region was hit by major storms in the last 24 hours. We had an injured barn swallow that was recovering under our porch. Just before the storm hit, my younger son could not find it. I reminded him that the Bible said that God watches over the sparrow. We had to trust that God knew where the barn swallow was and go inside the house.
The wind was between 40-70 miles an hour here, the rain was torrential and the sky promises more to come tonight. During a storm I often will watch the sky and look for signs of what may come. I will remember the things I have learned in school about storms and tornadoes. I am not scared, instead, I am anticipating power and strength to be seen during the storm.
When it comes to life’s storms, my approach is similar. I look for signs of what is to come. I study the elements of the storm, remembering what I have learned from past storms and I anticipate power and strength to come through the storm. I do not often have the strength, it is a strength that comes from God. God alone is what I find in the storm.
In the past year my family has experienced some crazy storms and still I find that God is there. We moved to a farm, a life-long dream for my husband and myself. We put our house on the market and trusted that we would have an offer soon. One month after we moved, I was laid off from my teaching job. Because my job was connected to a church, I could not claim unemployment since the church had not paid into unemployment.
I have spent the last 10 months looking for a job, either in a school or in retail. I have applied to over 100 different places and found nothing. But I have not been found wanting. God has been faithful. He has provided for our family through various ways.
In January of this year my husband suddenly lost his job. Now we were both unemployed, we were already receiving food assistance, and now he would apply for unemployment. Thankfully, he started getting unemployment, only to have a false allegation brought against him from his former employer.
What could we do? God was doing something, we had to trust. There were days when I did not know how God would use this situation or what He had in mind.
In April, my husband was offered a job, not a dream job, but a job. Two weeks later we found out that the allegation was dropped and the case would be closed. One week later, after almost 9 months of only a few showings on our former house, we found a renter.
Prayers were being answered, the storm clouds were breaking up, and we still were seeing evidence of God’s hand.
So much of these past months have been spent in prayer, asking God how He would answer our prayers. I never asked IF he would answer the prayers, I knew He would, it was always HOW would He answer our prayers.
What kind of storms are you facing? Where is your faith? During trials and storms, we do not generally learn about God for the first time. We usually learn about God from what we know already of His character. I have seen again and again His faithfulness. Just as He watches over the sparrow, He watches over me.


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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