24 little hours

On Monday we went apartment hunting. It has been a slow process and a potentially discouraging one. My husband and I changed our search area and immediately found a place. We filled out the paperwork and waited. The next day, we received a call, we had been approved. Our move-in-date happens as soon as the landlord puts in the new carpeting.
Amazing, within 24 hours we went from discouraged to encouraged. I love it.

Yesterday evening I received a phone call–one I had been waiting for with some anxiety. The enemy as I have said, has been hitting some crazy line drives at me, trying to convince me that important relationships are/were in jeopardy since I moved. It has made me anxious, losing sleep, worrying, having imaginary conversations with these important people in my head. Just crazy. Two minutes into the conversation and I realized all was fine. Nothing to fret or worry about. Again, just 24 hours from fretting to fine.

It made me think about the disciples during the weekend between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Scripture tells us nothing about Saturday. Saturday is silent because nothing happened.
For 24 hours men and women wept, worried, feared, and wondered about their Teacher and Lord and all He had taught them. What they didn’t know was that Sunday was coming. In 24 hours, angels would sing and Heaven would rejoice because Jesus had conquered the grave. But they didn’t know that on Saturday. (Read John chapters 19 & 20 for more details).

Are you struggling and feeling like there is no hope, no end, no resolution, no understanding in sight? Could it be that you are in the midst of your 24 hours? Could it be that you are waiting for God to “show up?” Don’t lose hope. Hold on. It has been my experience that when God does “show up” He also “shows off”** all of His amazing love, grace, mercies, and His plan for your next steps.
Hang in there, your Sunday is coming!!

**”show up and show off” are from Jerry Jenkins’ book Hometown Legend. A great read and that line had always stuck with me. (Jerry Jenkins is also the co-author of the Left Behind series).


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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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