check-ups and check-ins

I had my annual physical today.  Nothing earth-shattering, I’m getting older, my body is changing, new experiences are coming.  I am grateful for the good health I have and realize it is a gift.  On average, my family only goes to the doctor’s office once a year, we just don’t get sick.  This made me think as I sat down to read my devotional this morning.

How often do we ask God to give our spirit and soul a check-up?  Do we only go to Him when we are feeling “sick” or “unwell” or do we go to God for check-ups, to make sure that we are on the right track, doing what needs to be done to remain healthy?

Scripture reminds us that we need to be careful to stay in constant relationship with Jesus or we will not grow (John 15, Colossians 1:6, 2 Peter 3:18) and that we run the risk of withering and shriveling up without the Living Water described in John 7:38.

A wise pastor once said at the end of the day he wanted his praise list to be long and his regrets list to be short.  If we keep in touch with Jesus throughout the day we will be able to accomplish this as well.

In my family we call it “checking in.”  My brother and I  will call our folks and say, “Hi, I was just checking in.  Hope all is well.”  The conversation isn’t about heavy topics or concerns, it’s just a way to make sure the communication line is open and clear.  It is the same way with my walk with God.

I will talk with Him throughout the day.  Comment on the beauty of the sky, the deep colors of the changing trees.  The sweetness carried on the breeze, maybe the variation of the songs the birds sing.  I definitely offer up prayers and concerns, but often I just want God to know I was thinking about Him and His creation.

So the question comes– how often do you come to God for spiritual check ups?  How often do you check in with Him?  I don’t ask to guilt you, but instead to encourage you.  He isn’t standing in a gilded throne room tapping His toe at you for bothering Him.  He delights to connect to you and with you– you are His treasure, His precious child.  Why wouldn’t He want to hear from you?

Check-up and  check-in.


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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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