gray hairs

My birthday is coming up.  I will be forty-five.  My grandmother was forty-five when I was born.  I feel old just thinking about it.  What is it about birthdays that make us so crazy?

When we are young we cannot wait for our birthdays.  We fantasize about the cake, the friends who will celebrate us, and most of all the presents.  As we grow older, our priorities change.  We think about the importance of spending time with friends and loved ones who will celebrate us, but also the history between us.

As I have grown older my red hair has changed subtly.  It is no longer the “Richie Cunningham red”, but instead has become a more strawberry-blond color.  Not only is it strawberry-blond, there is a mix of “sugar” in my color.  It is a color that would make many run for the boxed hair color aisle at the department store, but for me, I am embracing my new hair color.

Scripture says in Proverbs 16:31, “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.” And in Proverbs 20:29, “The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old.”  We are to embrace our changing hair color (and body) as we grow older, it is a sign of our “been there, done that” experiences.

I don’t want to try to be like the young women who are in their twenties and thirties.  I already lived through those decades and there are some experiences I want to leave in the past.  I look forward to my next decades.  I hope to be wiser, not just older.

One of my favorite verses about gray hair is from Isaiah 46:4, which says, ” Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” What a promise, as I grow old, God will be with me.  He will sustain me, rescue me, and carry me.  If I get too old, I definitely may need Him to carry me.  Thankfully, He already does.




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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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1 Response to gray hairs

  1. I also love my gray hair. I have a glorious streak right in front. Other people pay money for theirs, but God gives mine to me for free .

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