This weekend is a mile marker for my story.  I realized as I sat in church today, that it’s been eighteen years since my new fiancé came to Illinois meet my family.  It was a powerful weekend of building new relationships, learning  about each other’s families of origin, and the sweetness of sharing our first kiss.  

This weekend also marks seven years since my husband and I stood at the precipice of complete and utter brokenness in our marriage.  We had allowed small cracks to become full-blown canyons that almost swallowed us completely.  

But God is faithful.  He showed my husband and me that there is no kind of broken that God cannot heal. That there is no kind of broken promise that God cannot restore.  Now, seven years later, as I look at my husband and he looks at me; there is a love, a depth of trust that we have because we know we are committed to each other.  We are tied to each other until God calls one of us home.  

At our old church this weekend was a baptism service.  It was a time of explosive celebration, exuberant cheering, joyful singing and shouting for all that God has done in the hearts and lives of the men, women, and teenagers who were baptized.  

The songs chosen by the worship leaders reminded us of who we were and who we are now because of Christ’s redemptive power through the Cross and His resurrection.  The message the pastor spoke on was about reconciliation.  The only kind of reconciliation that can bring us from our sin to the perfect God is when Christ steps in the middle to build a bridge between us and God.  

The people who were baptized today were redeemed.  They were restored. Rebuilt. Renewed. Revived.  

My marriage, my husband, myself– it’s all been redeemed.  You can be redeemed.  God is big enough.  He is able.   

Make this the day you remember as a mile-marker for when you let God in to heal, to redeem, and restore your life, your marriage, a relationship you have that needs healing.  


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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