Here He comes

This weekend marks Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week.  Easter will be here in a week and I am trying to figure out how to better engage my heart into the best weekend in all of history.

I am still broken every time I think of what God allowed happen to Jesus.

  Don’t miss what I said– God allowed it, no doubt– Scripture proves it– Jesus could have called a legion of angels to His rescue to remove Him from the Cross.  He could have spoken and with the very power of Heaven dethroned Herod, set to right all that had been made wrong from the Fall forward. 

 But He didn’t. 

 Jesus went to the Cross, for you and for me.  Willingly, like a sheep to slaughter (Isaiah 53:7),  He died for all of us– whether we claim to want Him in our lives or not.  He gave up His life for ours.

Jesus came in love.

He didn’t come because He *had* to come.  He wasn’t forced to obey.  He understood the cost.

  He came out of love for all of us. 

 Those of us who embrace His love and those of us who reject it.

He came.

One of my favorite memories of Easter weekend was at my old church– the Good Friday service actually.  

Our pastor spoke about what Jesus looked like hanging on the Cross that Friday; beaten, bruised, swollen, bloody, dislocated bones (Isaiah 53:3-4) all of it and the brutal details.

He quoted David Crowder’s song, “Here is our King.”  Spoken with the reality of what Jesus’ death meant, 

Here is our king, here is our love
Here is our God Who’s come
To bring us back to him
He is the one, he is Jesus, Jesus 

 Our pastor then explained within three days we would be standing on our feet cheering these very same words– from the other side of Resurrection Sunday–

Here is our king, here is our love
Here is our God Who’s come
To bring us back to him
He is the one, he is Jesus, Jesus

It was such a paradigm shift between that Friday and that Sunday so many centuries ago.  And still– to this day–every time I sing these lyrics I am reminded of all that Jesus did, all that I deserve, and all that I received. 

Majesty, finally
Majesty, finally here


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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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