As a young boy, our neighbor’s son used to say “‘M’ere” to someone when he wanted their attention.  It was toddler code for “Come here, I want your full attention.”

Lately, I have noticed that God is doing the same thing to my spirit.  I have felt the tug on my heart to be still a bit more, to talk a bit less, and to rest in His presence.

It isn’t a new concept– the tug is there every day, throughout the morning routine, the quiet in the car on the way to work, and when I have a moment or two between tasks at work.

The gentle whisper of “M’ere” reminds me to find a better way to show His love, His plan, to pay attention to His purposes–not mine.  To check my attitude and adjust it.

I can ignore His “M’ere” like an alarm clock or I can hear it and respond to it.  Some days, I ignore it, the rush of “now” pushes out the need of “listen” to God and I always think I will catch up later.  When I go to bed at night I recognize I never listened and responded and my actions proved it.  I was moody, short-tempered, and shared less grace with those around me.

Then the days I do respond to His “M’ere” I find myself full of more joy, more kindness, a gentleness toward those who can be difficult to be around.  One would think I would recognize the difference and choose time with God every day, yet every day I must choose.

Scriptures is full of God calling out to us– inviting us into a conversation with Him, a relationship with Him, to join Him in Heaven.  We just need to decide if we will respond to the request.

Come to me…. He says.  What will your response be today?



About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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