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Patience.  Waiting.  Yielding.  Holding.  All of these ideas are when a person is physically still but emotionally running in place.  Nothing can be done, yet everything seems to be ready to move.

Like the runner with his feet in the block, waiting for the gun to go off and the race to begin.  We as believers are called to be still and wait until God’s perfect timing.  Every time we wait for His direction we find blessing.  Every time we start before it is time we move out of cadence with the Holy Spirit.

I often think I am a patient person, I can wait, I can deny things I may want for something that is needed.  And yet I find myself like a lion pacing in a too-small-enclosure, back-and-forth, to-and-fro, energy pent up, waiting for the moment when I can see that wide open space and let loose and run with all of my strength and release all of my energy.

And then I am called to wait.  And wait some more.  And wait still longer.

I am so grateful for the Old Testament.  When I find myself pacing, wondering, playing the “What if” game in my head, I am gently prompted, Holy Spirit is that You prompting me, I wonder.  Prompted to remember Abraham when he was Abram, waiting for God’s promises to be unfolded for twenty-five years.  He was hopeful, he was frustrated, he was rash in some of his decisions, and yet, he waited still some more.

I think of Joseph who would become the second in command of all of Egypt, but first he had to spend years in prison– falsely accused, waiting, trusting, hoping, for God to not forget him there.

I think of the Prophets who were told that a Messiah would come.  They waited, they told others of God’s promise, they hoped, they prayed, they died –never knowing the fruition of the promise.

So I am in good company.  I am waiting for God to give some direction.  I am striving to find peace in the midst of the silence, and trusting God for His perfect timing and plan.  Trusting God to move us when it is time, and not one moment before.


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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