cheesy stuff

What is love?  Is it the “cheesy” cute behavior as defined by movies and songs? The over-the-top drama of “can’t live without you–” kind of stuff?  What is your definition of love?

When I was in high school I was dating a young man and felt all squishy inside whenever I heard his voice on the phone.  My aunt asked me if I was “in like” with him.  I was a bit put off by her question, “like?” I thought, I love him.   He made me giggle, he made me feel special, he made me feel important.  If that wasn’t love I didn’t know what was.

Fast forward to today and I shake my head at my high school interpretation of love.  Now that I am married, I realize love is more about my giving than my taking. It is about putting the other person first, making sure they know they are more important than the show on the television, the text message I just received, or my personal agenda.

Love — as I have learned– is not about remembering every single stupid thing that may have been done since we said “I do.” It is about letting go of yesterday, giving grace, and forgiveness– even and especially when it is not asked for– isn’t that what you want your spouse to do with you?

Love is about realizing there will be seasons when your spouse needs you to be the strong one so he or she can be weak in another area. Love is a cooperative commitment.

I watch teenagers around me falling in and out of “love” and wonder if they will regret their actions when they are adults and have a better understanding of the lasting love as created by God.

I am so grateful for the love I have received from my husband.  It has often been given when I didn’t think I needed or deserved it.  Love is like that.

Love is precious, rare, profound, and life-changing.  And we are all the better for receiving it and even more so for giving it to others.






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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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