the next ones

I was reading in Prayer by Philip Yancey today, when he shared a story about Corrie Ten Boom, one of my heroines.  He wrote about how after her multiple strokes she was bed-ridden but had her helpers hang pictures of dear ones and missionaries on the wall so she could continue to pray for them (p. 275). I was so struck by her connection with lifting others up when she no longer could lift herself off the bed.

As my mom and I chatted I was suddenly struck with the idea that right now in Heaven, Corrie Ten Boom is celebrating the King of Kings with Amy Charmichael, Ruth Bell Graham, and Elisabeth Elliot.  It brought me to tears as I thought of these women who spent hours and hours on their knees for their family, friends, strangers, and people they may never have met.  Praying and interceding on their behalf.

I sobered quickly when I thought of this generation growing up today.  Who would be their intercessors?  Who is praying on behalf of the young men and women who are striving, seeking, and finding God in their youth and in their middle age?

Who is on their knees praying for their salvation, their struggles, their triumphs, their losses, praying for healing, praying for restoration of relationships, praying for the Love of God to flood their hearts and minds?

Who is praying for the lost children?  Who is praying for the lost men and women who are just steps away from an eternity without God?

Who is interceding for those who don’t know God, who don’t even know there is a God in Heaven who sent His Son to die for them?

We do have some amazing women today who are Bible-teachers, who share, speak, write, and yes, pray for those I have mentioned.  But who is being trained up in the next generation?  Who has stood in the gap to hold out a hand to the younger ones to bring them up to see all that God is doing, will do, and can do if only someone would intercede?



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2 Responses to the next ones

  1. Tim Shey says:

    Here is a little more on intercession:

    I read Philip Yancey’s THE JESUS I NEVER KNEW a number of years ago. It was excellent. Here is an excerpt:

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