what do you want?

Pulled like taffy, stretched to be thinner, taller, smarter, prettier, more athletic, funnier, quieter, louder, more to the left or the right.  We are exhausted. I am exhausted.  I long to be what/who is desired and needed by those around me. However, when it feels like manipulation to bend and move for the benefits and purposes or uses of others, it feels very wrong.

What does God want from me?  Well, I know it isn’t a perfectly kept house, or the right clothes, job, or hobbies.  He wants my heart.  He wants all of me, so that I can experience all of Him.  His character, His plans, His purposes for me.

He longs for me to stand up.  To be fully up-right, no longer carrying the burdens of other people’s to-do lists, other people’s expectations.  To be released from the past, the pain, and the hurt. To be free.  Released. Forgiven.

Just as the burdens carried on the back of Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress and the bundles on Jean Val Jean’s back in Les Miserables, they are to be dropped, released.  We are to let them go. Drop them at Jesus’ feet, at the foot of the Cross.  And to leave them.

Oh, the world will tell you to pick them up again, that we are all supposed to carry some burden throughout life.  But this is not true.  Jesus carried these burdens to the Cross, they were buried with Him.  But on that Glorious Sunday morning— when He rose from the dead- those burdens weren’t resurrected with Him.  They remained dead, they remained buried.

There was glorious, glorious freedom that Sunday morning, for you and for me. Don’t go back into the grave.  You have been freed from the death, destruction, sorrow, and troubles because of that Cross on that Friday.

So stand up, breathe deeply the fresh air of a resurrected life and embrace the new life God has given you.

Remember, Jesus is the Victor over the grave and through Him we are Victorious!

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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