every day

The Lord will send His faithful love by day;
His song will be with me in the night—
a prayer to the God of my life (Psalm 42:8 HCSB).

Thank you, God, for a new day.  For the brief sunshine before the clouds came over again.  Father God, thank you that this day is new to me, full of opportunities to show your love and mercy to those around me and to myself.

Father, I pray for the hearts of those who are so far from You, I pray today they will take steps toward You that draw them closer to eternity with You.

Jesus, you are the One who has lived life here, with all the hurts and pains, troubles and joys we experience.  I pray You will remind us that You do understand what we are going through.

Holy Spirit whisper to our hearts.  Remind us that every person we meet matters to God, no matter their journey, their situation, or their decisions, none of that will keep them from the Love of God–so freely offered.

Triune God, I pray for the Persecuted Church to remain strong under oppression, to remain faithful to the God who is faithful to them.  I pray for those in chains who seek Your face and not the flattery of person’s of state which may change on a whim.  I pray that their families will seek You and know You hold them in the palm of Your hand.

I pray for those who struggle with addiction. I pray that today will be the day the addiction begins to loosen its grip on their lives.  I pray today will be the day they seek help in their pain.

I pray for families divided over petty things, misunderstandings, and wounded pride.  I pray for reconciliation, mercy, and grace to be poured over their homes, covering each part the doors, the windows, the walls, the foundation.  May their families be rebuilt by Your hands today.

For those who struggle with illnesses of all kinds. I pray today will be a day of rest for their weary souls. I pray You will meet them in a way they can see You to know they have not been forgotten.  That they matter to You, the Creator of all the Universe.

I pray for the Church to know You deeper, closer, and more richly than they knew You yesterday.  I pray for the pastors preparing their messages, thinking of their congregants and the situations in their towns and cities.  I pray Your Word will be taught– clear, precise, celebrating Your love for us, calling us out into deeper waters to serve and grow in Your name.

Father, You and You alone can do things we cannot.  I pray we will remember the Faith we claim is stronger than any stronghold we face.  Is built on the foundation of the Cross.  That the Faith we claim is because the God we cry out to is eternal, faithful, never-changing, true.  You are always willing to hear our heart, our cry, collect our tears, and draw us to the healing You alone can offer.

Meet us here today, God.  Meet us here every day, Jesus.



About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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  1. Amen amen to it all. Lord have mercy on USA.

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