loss, love, and the other side

As our house renovation/restoration is underway we have not connected our television or had Internet connected.  I have gone without the images of newest “must have items” and the “blockbuster” movies of the summer.  I don’t feel like I have any gaping holes or a sense of being left out.  I have learned to be more content with what I have and enjoy it more.

I haven’t watched all of the political commentaries for our upcoming Presidential election-more than a year away.  My heart and mind are quieter for it.  I know what matters to me and I can do without the bluster and finger pointing.  I have found I am at peace and content with my life more without this noise.

My time has been filled with time with my sons, time with my husband.  Our relationships have been found again.  Conversations, laughter, honesty, healing, forgiveness, and growth have happened in the hours that were once spent with computers and television.

Our days are spent constantly on the go with school, work, or activities and every moment I get to spend with the loves in my life is a treasure to my heart.  I cannot get enough time it seems, with these men in my life.  My sons will leave soon, too soon for my liking.

I think of the families with the empty place at the table, the candle lit in remembrance of the treasured person who is missing from the laughter.  I think of the children who are missing a parent, the parent who is missing a child.  And my heart hurts.  I want to hug my husband, my sons, and never let them go.

We often talk of Heaven as being “the other side” of this world. Yesterday, nearly a dozen people stood on the other side of this world because of another shooting in the United States.  I didn’t watch the television footage of people gathered in groups crying and hugging, or people speaking through tears at the television camera asking “why” knowing an answer will never satisfy their sorrow.

I have no answers.  I could give the “pat” answer that God’s plans are not our plans.  But that is not a pat answer.  It is truth, it is reality.  God’s plans are not our plans, but His plans are to give us a hope and a future.  He is not the author of destruction and death.

I can only pray.  Pray for those who are left behind, those who are in need of physical healing and emotional healing.  For a nation, once again, in the throes of pain and searching for someone/something to blame.

I can only pray for God’s amazing love to be experienced by those who need to know that amazing love and healing that can only come from the other side.

Oh Lord Father God, Jesus meet us in our brokenness.  Our neediness.  Our pain and bewilderment.  Meet us and lead us to find the peace only you can provide.  We may never be fully whole here on Earth, but may we find comfort in the promise that one day we will know all that comes from being on the other side. Amen. 


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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