When God made man He used His hands.  It is the first time we read in the Creation story of God touching something He created (Genesis 2:7).  It shows the tenderness, the intimacy, the intricacy of the relationship between Man and God.

Then God madeAdam a wife using Adam’s own ribs in the process (Genesis 2:21-23). Adam was now a spouse.  He had responsibilities as a caretaker in Eden and as a husband to Eve. There would be tasks Adam would have to complete, command, and understand that Eve never would be required to accomplish.  God designed Man and Woman to be a completion of each other, but each has his and her own roles to fill.  While Eve may support Adam, there are some tasks that only Adam could complete.

When I met my husband I was drawn to his broad shoulders and twinkling blue eyes that shone with mischief and fun.  His shoulders were broad from wrestling and working with his father cutting down trees for firewood and such.  The blue eyes were a hint of the adventures I would have with him in years to come.

Of the men in my life, all of them have broad shoulders from sports and work of course, but mostly from the responsiblities they have carried. As a husband the tasks, worries, responsibilties, and concerns that are carried on those shoulders are often unspoken and unable to be transferred to another’s shoulders.

When God made man and woman, each were created for their own purposes which were designed to compliment and complete each other.  My job/task/purpose as wife is not to take from my husband’s shoulders the tasks God has given him to do, but to come along side him and help him carry them as I am able.

Just as the image of a yoke brings two animals together to pull a load, so too, does a marriage yoke two people together to pull together toward a goal and purpose.  The thing is, that there is always a stronger, wiser, lead horse to guide the younger one as they pull together.

My husband is the one who is the lead. I am not, but as his help-meet, I can support him, help him carry his responsibilities, and pray for him as he leads our home.  We are bringing up two young men and my prayer is that they will see a servant-leader father, man, and husband.  A man who holds up the successes of his family before his personal desires.

Ladies, we hold a powerful position.  We as wives, daughters, and future wives, have the ability to build up or tear down the men in our lives.  I have watched women in my life do just that.  Some wives choose to hold up their men, praying for them, standing by their side, deferring their person wants for the needs of the family when  discussions are had for the next steps of the family.

I have watched wives belittle, criticize, and tear down their husbands.  I have watched husbands shoulders sag, heads hang, and roles be destroyed by these wives.  The shoulders sag as if the very responsibilites they were designed and purposed to carry  were being pulled on– like someone trying to take away the things God gave to him to carry.

Oh ladies, we must recognize our roles. We are here to hold up our men to build them up with our words, our prayers, our love.  To allow them to be the men God created them to become.

So who is with me?

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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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  1. I agree with you all the way. We are to be help- mates , not rugs to be walked on or not forced servants but help mates

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