on saying yes

We face decisions every day, from what to eat to when to go to sleep. We must decide if we will take a job, move to a new city, marry someone or not marry someone, it is all about what we choose to do.

On our Faith Journey we will stand at places where the terrain changes and we will need to choose yes or no. I put the word “yes” in a search engine on a Biblical website to see the times the word “Yes” has come up in Scripture.  I was amazed and a bit amused at how the verses seemed to make their own kind of story.  One hundred times the word “yes” is used in the Old and New Testament.

I was reminded that whether it was Isaac, Miriam-Moses’ sister, or Peter affirming his love for Jesus on the beach, each time someone said Yes, they were choosing to say No to something else.

Somehow the Yes they said was far more powerful, more rich, more rewarding than whatever they said no to at first.

Saying yes to God is always the better adventure.  Want proof?  Check out all the examples in Hebrews 11.

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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