For the past few weeks my old church has been speaking on the book of Acts and the Supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit.  It is incredible to read the stories of God moving so radically and powerfully through the first century Church.

I started to think of the ways God has moved in the overall history of the Church.  Every time some in Scripture had a true encounter with God their response was to act.  Most acted with a power and authority they did not have before, now that they had courage poured into them by the God of the Universe.

Men stood in battle with few and had victory over many through God’s supernatural power.  Women stood where many feared to stand, with the courage of the Holy God in them to do what they were called to do.

Christ spent hours in the Garden of Gethsemane talking with God, praying and calling out. Then Jesus rose, encouraged, supported, and prepared to act.  Jesus went to the Cross because He was prepared by the Holy Spirit to act for God.

Each and every individual meets God and then they move.

The disciples had watched as Jesus taught, loved, corrected, encouraged, died, and was resurrected– for the sole purpose and the soul purpose of preparing them to act.  In the beginning of the book of Acts we read that Jesus ascends to Heaven and then the disciples are called to act.

They stood boldly before crowds to call out the truth of who Christ was and who He could be in their lives.  And out of the act of Peter’s boldness thousands accepted Christ that day as their Savior (Acts 2). Within the weeks and months after Jesus’ ascension the disciples performed miracles with a power and authority that had eluded them when Jesus was with them (Mark 9:14-29).

Stephen stood with authority and power and spoke out to the religious leaders and authorities of the day claiming and declaring the Authority of Christ (Acts 7). He was stoned for his actions, but he still spoke with an undeniable power.

Each one of us has that same Holy Spirit power in us.  We are empowered with God’s supernatural authority and power and we keep trying to put it back in the box. Sure we will take it out on special occasions, like the good china in the cabinet.  But the Holy Spirit isn’t a “special occasion” spirit, nor does He have a Junior version for children.  The Holy Spirit, the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ- none of them have junior versions.

We have the opportunity to turn the world on its ear– maybe for the last time before Christ returns and we still sit in the same places, inactive, sedentary, with a sense of hopelessness, and believing there will be time some other day.

Scripture is clear– today could be the day Christ returns! Are you acting? Are you praying? Are you impacting the world for HIS purposes and HIS glory or are you just daydreaming away the amazing purpose you have been created to accomplish?

May we speak with a Holy Spirit unquenchable boldness in these last days.  May we love powerfully and deeply those who have not felt this kind of love.  May we offer healing and wholeness to those who have only known brokenness.  May we be known for the Jesus Who died for us as much as the disciples were known.

May we act for the Glory of our God and King.   Eternity is now.  It is time to ACT.


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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