with my own eyes


The book of Job is one of my husband’s favorite books in the Bible. I always thought that was a weird book to pick as a favorite. Just bring up the book of Job with someone and most of the time the person mentions Job’s loss, or that God picked on him.

That’s not the whole story. First, Job’s losses were not the end of the story, it was only part of the story. Secondly, God did not pick on him. God did allow the enemy power over the things in Job’s life for a season but not over Job himself.

Why would God allow this? The reason is simple, God knew what the enemy did not. God knew the future. He knew what would come, He knew about the restoration, the healing, the reality of trusting God when nothing else seems right. God knew the end of the story.

On Good Friday all things seemed utterly lost, no hope, no more mercy, no more Jesus. Then came that sweet Sunday morning.  Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to finish the preparations for Christ’s body to be buried- forever.  What she didn’t know, what she couldn’t have imagined, is that God had a different ending for the story. The story of the world, for Mary’s story, for our story.

Jesus had defeated death, He had destroyed sin forever.  He now stood as Victor over all pain, death, sin, brokenness, hurt, and anger. He was the eternal Victor over it all.

Mary saw Him that morning, on the other side of the grave, the other side of death.  She saw Him with her own eyes.  He saw her through the eyes of Love, the eyes of Eternity, to know that she was forever healed, forever forgiven, forever known in Heaven as a daughter of the One True King.

Mary and Job both could claim the truth of these words, My ears had heard of you
but now my eyes have seen you (Job 42:7). 
They saw the world through the eyes of Heaven and knew that what may seem like the end is actually a beginning.

How are you looking at your situation today?  Are you feeling like there is no hope, no chance for change?  Or are you remembering that from God’s eyes there is more than you could ever imagine still waiting to happen– both in this world and the next.

Let’s open our eyes.


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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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