Many times after Easter has passed, my heart has just tucked the day away like Christmas decorations.  This year, I want to just extend Easter like a multiple-day festival.  My heart is still full, my eyes still weep with joy, and I want to share this amazing story with anyone who will listen.

Jesus is alive!

We all seem to be able to quote the short version of why Easter is a big deal, but if it’s glossed over, the meaning loses its richness and depth.  Easter is not just the day Jesus rose from the dead or a reason to hunt for eggs and wear pretty clothes.  That’s just simplifying the whole experience.

Easter is the day that turned our whole world upside down.  Easter took all the sin, all the sorrow, and death itself and and pushed it back to the Hell it came from– for all eternity– for every person who comes to the Cross and accepts the Amazing Grace offered to them.

This kind of news isn’t something you take out for one day and then put it back in a box until next year.  This is the kind of news you put up all over — repainting your rooms, your heart and your very life with this incredible news.

Each on of us will stand in front of the Throne of God and receive either Mercy or Judgment.  It’s that simple.  There are no merit badges, no good deeds, no “good lives lived” that are going to get us into Heaven.

We will only enter into the Kingdom of Heaven by embracing the gift of Grace from Jesus who died for you and died for me.  There are no other paths.

While that may sound narrow and even critical, think about it.  If there was another way, would Jesus have died on the Cross for us?  No, there wouldn’t have been a need.  He wouldn’t have been born, wouldn’t have performed miracles, released people from bondage, suffered cruelly, and He wouldn’t have died on that Friday so many centuries ago.

We could have gotten into Heaven a different way. But that wasn’t the way God designed. God had to get our attention.  God showed us the incredible, mind-blowing, amazing love He has for us, by dying for us on a Cross.  He wasn’t the guilty one, we are guilty.

That kind of love deserves to be talked about until our tongues swell in our mouths from being used to much.  That kind of Love deserves to be shown and shared every where we go, in every thing we do.

Jesus triumphed over death.  Mercy triumphed over judgment  (James 2:13).

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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