On Sunday morning we all gather together singing hymns, choruses, and echoing amens to the message given. We claim the God we ran to as prodigal sons and daughters. We celebrate His Love and Grace and nod our heads to what we hear.

Then comes Monday morning. The alarm clock didn’t go off, the dog didn’t wait to get outside, kids are whining after a big weekend and not enough sleep. You put on your game face, suck it up and suck it in, to push forward looking toward Friday evening already.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are more of the same battles. By Friday morning you are exhausted, willing yourself to just make it to the end of your work day.

Your thoughts wander to the whirlwind week and you try to find God. Where was He? Why didn’t He step into the chaos and calm it like He did the storm?

It’s as if God were missing from your week. How did you miss that? How could you miss the God of the Universe being absent from the events of the past days?

Our reality is simple. When we are intentional in asking God into our day-to-day we will find wisdom, clarity, peace, deeper joy and sweeter grace for those we love and work with in our lives.

When we don’t invite God in, when we decide to be self-sufficient, we immediately chose finite strength, finite knowledge, and put borders on places God has given us unlimited access through His Son.

Our foolishness in believing we can “do it all by ourselves” is what always pushes us over the edges we were never meant to go near. God in our day-to-day lives means we have an anchor, a hope, a direction, a clear guide to our lives.

The lie of self-sufficiency is what got Eve and Adam in trouble. Not just them, Moses, David, Samson, and me.

Seeking God first daily is not mean to be pious, it’s the point that I recognize I am not capable of doing this life on my own.

Missing God in my life is like missing my breath. I cannot live without Him. I may fake it, but at some point I need to draw Him in to survive. I am continuing to battle to seek Him daily, I know too well that I cannot live without Him.



About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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