flashlights and fires

I have had song lyrics playing in my mind for the past few mornings. It’s the same song, each time, Come let it, come let it, come let it shine. 

The words are calling me like a whisper to enter a secret place. I hear my heart turning to the words, uncertain if they were really spoken, uncertain if they should be trusted.

And yet.

Each morning as I pray for my husband and my sons, I feel the warmth of a fire long forgotten. My spirit is thawing and The Spirit is calling me back to light the fire I used to have burning strong inside.

Daily experiences have dampened this fire. Loss, death, broken relationships, hurting friends and family, all of it weighs heavily on me. Even our house, which we love, has tried to extinguish my joy and light, as we work to get it restored and repaired. I don’t regret our house. I just long to make it a home.

These little skirmishes tend to slosh water on the fire inside of me. I try to shake them off, dry them off myself, but it doesn’t always work. Nor should it.

Jesus calls to me, coaxing me to come, sit, listen, rest, and learn from Him how to live as light in a dark and broken world. The Holy Spirit calls to me, longing to bank the fire inside and coax the coals back into a flame.

I am ready. I miss burning brightly with my Faith. Life wearies, but Jesus restores. O Best Beloved, do you believe that? It’s true.

Life wearies, but Jesus restores.

Call to Him. To help you turn on your flashlight to light the way for those seeking Him.

To relight the fire inside you — the one you had when you first believed and couldn’t stop talking about all He had done for you.

So come let it
Come let it
Come let it
Come let it shine

Come let it
Come let it
Come let it
Come let it shine

This is the battle of our time, of our time now
We can’t afford not to cry, not to cry out
Shake the earth from the ground, from the ground
Rescue souls from the darkness around

So come let it
So come let it
Come let it
Come let it shine

(All Sons and Daughters, Come Let it Shine)

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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