I remember the first time I realized how much I loved my husband. We were newly engaged and I had just introduced him to the women I worked with at my church.

 The women, all older “mom” and “grandma” types were asking him questions and trying to get to know more about him. I had stepped away for something and when I came back I saw him look over at me and I went weak in the knees. He was so cute, so smart, so amazing. 

I couldn’t believe we were engaged and I was going to be with him forever. It overwhelmed me. Being his fiancé and then new wife, I was captivated by him and felt like the luckiest woman. 

A dear friend recently shared a devotional entry she had read about how we feel about God and His love for us. The writer shared that we could be captivated by God, if we allowed it. 

God’s great grace for us, His death and resurrection, all to have an intimate relationship with us. It is either an old story or a cherished story. We can be captivated by it or we can be unfazed. 

What in life has become some important that we tune out the worship we hear on Sunday mornings to scroll through our news feeds? 

What have we decided is worth spending our time on instead of spending our time in prayer for each other?

O Best Beloved, I don’t ask this to shame or guilt you. I ask it to challenge you, to challenge me, to look at our days and evenings too, to see what has replaced our first love? 

What decisions do you need to make to rekindle the excitement of spending time with God each day?

 What do you need to say no to, so you can say yes to God’s purposes and plans? 

Dear Ones, let us return to our first love and may we once again be captivated…

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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