known issue

In our technologically-focused society, whenever the words “It’s a known issue” come up, we understand things aren’t working as they are supposed to be, but someone is working on it.

When it comes to relationships, there should be a sign we can wear when we aren’t operating within our best parameters. Whether we are battling against a destructive habit, an outright addiction, or just trying to stop doing something that annoys others, this sign would come in handy.

As a child, there was a t-shirt logo that was popular which said, “Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet.” I think the “known issue” statement is an updated version of this.

I have been trying to understand an old way of thinking and striving to change it for the better. The thing is, the process is taking forever. I am getting frustrated and others in my life are beginning to wonder if there will ever be a change.

Justification of poor behavior or bad habits does not make it acceptable. Recognizing the bad behavior when it happens, or even better, recognizing the thought patterns that lead to the bad behavior to stop them is what I want to do. Trying to control things and make them seem better than they are does not help.

There needs to be a radical surgery in these cases, where the entire process, habit, action, is completely cut out (Matthew 18:8-9). Like a surgeon removing aggressive cancer cells before they take over the body, so too, does the “issue” need to be removed. Only then will the person be healthy, able to heal, able to start fresh (Isaiah 18:5).

Anyone who has undergone radical surgery knows that it is painful, something that would be gratefully avoided, but still was necessary for a healthy life in the future.

A favorite pastor used to say, “When it hurts too much to stay where you are, then you are ready to make changes.” Well, it hurts. I hate the look of disappointment, the feeling of failing the people I love because I have acted without thinking.

For perspective, many would see nothing wrong with what I am doing. I am not addicted to anything, I do not break the law. I just have a “broken” thought process. Even if it is acceptable in society, it isn’t acceptable in my circle. It isn’t healthy for me, for those I love. For my growth.

So, I am giving notice to this “known issue,” it is time. Time to be removed, to be re-booted, to be wiped clean and start fresh. A new operating system, new circuit boards, ultimately a new mother-board if you will, need to be installed.

It is time.

O Best Beloved, is it time for you to go under the knife for something that is broken in your life? Who do you have that can walk alongside of you? A friend, family member, a counselor, a pastor? Don’t let the “cancer” be inside any longer.

It is time. Join me and let us walk together unshackled and free.


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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