the day after

We’re in the days after Christmas. People have returned to work, the shine of the lights has dimmed, the clutter of torn paper has been collected into the trash cans, the special dishes have been put away. Tablecloths have been soaked to release stains of cranberry sauce and gravy. It feels like the joy of Christmas has been lost in the clean up.

As we put away the garland, take down the tree, and pack up the ornaments, let us remember that the sweet babe in our Nativity sets should not be put away and forgotten until next year.

Jesus grew up according to Luke 2:52. In wisdom given to Him by His Heavenly Father, but I am certain also imparted to Him by Joseph, His earthly father. He grew in stature, not just in height and strength in the physical realm, but also in righteousness, position, and understanding among those around Him (see Luke 2:41-49).

Jesus is often treated as more of a something than a Someone during this season. He is a prop, a piece, a part of the decorations in many places. But for some, Jesus is everything. He is the breath we breathe, the laughter we hear in our homes, the quiet moments shared among our family members. Jesus is our salvation, our joy, our healer, our Creator, our comforter, and our friend.

Jesus means that whether it’s December 5th or December 25th, March 17th, or November 17th, I can carry hope in my heart. I can let go of my sorrows, my failings, the times I hurt and disappoint others, and place them at His feet, at His manger. I can seek His mercies and forgiveness and be given a grace I don’t deserve from a Savior who loved me enough to be born for the purpose of dying for me.

And for you.

Best Beloved, when you put away the decorations don’t put away Jesus with them. Invite Him in, instead. Invite Him in to your daily activities, your relationships, your hurts, your worries, your hopes, your dreams, your very life.

He is waiting (Revelation 3:20).

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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