desperately in need


My family went to a livestock auction this weekend where sheep and goats were being sold to farmers. As I saw the size of the sheep I thought of young David watching his flock. The size of the sheep and the way they behaved made me realize how strong David had to be to control them. He also had to be caring because they truly behaved with a herd mentality.

The sheep didn’t want to go where they were led in the arena. Instead, they gathered into a corner and stood almost like they were playing the statue game. When they came into the small arena they walked in a circle, like a tightening top.  When the shepherd was trying to protect them, they still went straight for trouble.

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As they entered the arena I noticed the sheep who were cared for and the ones who were not. The sheep who had a good shepherd had wool either clipped and clean. The others had wool in great matted messes, with sticks, brambles, and dirt imbedded in it.

Without a good shepherd to care for them, they would carry around unneeded weight and things that were picked up in their day-to-day lives which could cause infections and sickness. It was all about the difference of good shepherds caring for their sheep.

No wonder we are compared to sheep in the Bible. As believers we need a strong and compassionate hand to guide us and correct us when we head in the wrong direction. God is ever patient with us, guiding us to the safe places where we can rest and grow without fear of harm. He protects us from the enemy who only wants to maim and destroy us. Ultimately, God saves us from our own foolishness.

Dear Ones, we have this sweet relationship with God that allows us to be cared for, protected, allowed room to grow and mature in our faith, to be a blessing to those around us in our daily lives. It’s all a matter of whether we are going to embrace the Shepherd’s directions or not. Whether we are going to accept that we are truly desperately in need of the Savior we have been given.

Will we accept His great grace, the yoke He promises, the correction we need, and the peace that passes all understanding ? Or will we be like the sheep that has gone astray, lost, without protection, able to easily fall and not be helped up? It is all about our pride and the simple reality of whether we admit our desperate need. O Best Beloved, let us admit it together- we are desperately in need of the Savior who loves us and calls us to Him. Will you come with me?


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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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