let them speak

My mom and I were talking about passages in the Bible and how we wanted to dive deeply into them and learn all that we could from the verses.  As we talked, we agreed that trying to force lessons from the Bible was foolish. Instead, if we wanted to learn, we should allow the verses to speak to us according to the Holy Spirit. My mom said wisely, “Maybe it isn’t my turn to bring a lesson.” She understood that we are not all to be teachers with what we study, sometimes we are to be students. And all the better for us.

When we study Scripture in our Bible study groups or independently, we will have moments when the verses leap off the page, as if alive, to give us wisdom, a word, direction, or an answer we are seeking. Other times, the words read more as a story and we will just find Jesus. And that is all we need.

Our hearts and where we are in our Faith journey, are key in how we hear the verses we read. If we are hurried, we will miss something that might stand out if we spent even fifteen minutes quietly in a chair with our Bibles.

Many times I try to force God to talk with me when I am only skimming a passage for that quick nugget to carry through the day. I would have better luck opening a fortune cookie. God does not respond to my rushing, anymore than a lover who was only given five minutes attention each day. He desires to spend time with us, speaking with us, listening to us, holding us, directing us, and loving us. When we hurry past Him, we neglect this precious relationship (James 4:5).

Dear Ones, be honest. How has your time with Jesus been lately? I am often finding my days filled with things that are good, but maybe not the best thing for my spirit. Or my relationship. I want to give more time to God, but it is often laundry, dishes, or some other activity that fill that time. Jesus, forgive me.  I pray Best Beloved,  that you will join me in setting an appointment with Jesus each day. Just fifteen minutes, to be still for you and for your time with Him. To pray, to be silent and listen, to read, sing, celebrate, and center your spirit to be in sync with His spirit. Then you will be able to let the Bible speak to you. You will be ready. He will be waiting.

I am praying for us all to grow roots deeper during these fifteen minutes.




About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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