window shopping

I was standing on a sidewalk looking a beautiful store window dressed with items that represented my faith. There were Bibles, crosses, journals, figurines of families arranged in the window bays, attractive to the eye and even my heart. I immediately looked both ways to cross the street and go into the store with the intent to purchase some of these items.

As I leaned forward to begin crossing, a voice beside me told me, “Don’t to rush, just enjoy the windows from the other side of the road.” At first, I thought, okay, I will wait. After a few minutes, I began to cross again. Again the voice said to me to wait. This happened for an hour.

Suddenly, I realized that the voice was not of one who cared for my heart and spirit, just the opposite. The voice only wanted me to not cross the street and enter the store. The enemy had nearly dissuaded me from going somewhere I would gain wisdom, gain understanding of God, and grow in my Faith. I felt much like Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress, distracted from my original purpose, but not permanently. With new purpose, I swept that voice away with a motion of my arm and began to cross the street to the store.

I woke up this morning from my dream and found myself just rocked by this truth. When I listen to those false voices and don’t go forward to the very thing that will help me grow, correct and direct my feet– I am like the shopper with pockets of money who never goes into the store to buy the very things I came to get, the very things I need for my life.

Dear Ones, where are you standing on the sidewalk? Is it the door of an estranged loved one? Is it the church itself? Don’t let another day go by without stepping through the door, O Best Beloved.  Don’t let the whispering enemy keep you from being a part of the amazing adventure God has in store for you.


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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