the cube

The Rubik’s cube was very popular when I was in junior high. Almost everyone received it for their birthday or Christmas. I received mine for my birthday in seventh grade and promptly put it on my bookshelf. I didn’t want to scramble the colors, I wanted it to look as it was supposed to be, organized, all the colors aligned with each other.

After a time, many had learned the trick of popping out the squares to put them back in order, some tried to peel the color stickers off and reapply them to correct sections. The problem with peeling the stickers is that they would not come off easily and then there would be torn stickers. Better just to leave the cube as it was given.

Here was a toy that was meant to bring fun and a challenge and I wouldn’t use it. I was afraid I couldn’t get it back to the way it was supposed to be. I knew the few times someone messed up my Rubik’s cube and I would try to get it back to the right colors in the right places, I would get upset. I would have eight colors on the side with one out of sync. Many people tried to tell me to mess up the eight colors to get the one back to the correct side. I would have to take steps backward to go forward. It seemed so contradictory. Why not just let it be?

My life is a lot like the Rubik’s cube. I don’t want to get it messed up, I don’t want to have messes and things out of order. But God says to me, “Dear One, if you are truly going to be my child, surrendering your life to Me, then you need to embrace the messiness that will come with it. Not because I plan to destroy it, but instead because I desire to take that messiness and make something beautiful out of it.”

What would I choose? To leave my life on the shelf or to allow God to take me in His hands and move according to His plans and purposes? Slowly, I have been allowing God to move my pieces, making me feel out of order, and yet knowing and learning that God is the God of order. Even when it feels like I am taking steps backward, God is preparing me to move forward. He does not bring chaos, although some days it feels like it. It is a matter of choice to accept the messes in my life, that I may be used to spread God’s message of mercy and grace. His story of redemption and healing.

O Precious Child of God, where are you? Are you on the shelf or in His hands? Are you allowing God to move in your life, even if it’s messy? Even if for a season things are out of order? Trust the Potter, the Master who will make sure to use your colors in ways you may never have imagined, it just may not look like you would design it be.

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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