doors, windows, and pathways

A precious friend and I were talking recently about a possible change that was coming in her life that would impact her financially, spiritually, and relationally. It was a raw conversation as we discussed her heart and what may come. As she spoke she affirmed that she knew God had this situation well in hand and was not caught off guard. Even if she was.

For her heart and for mine, we spoke with the rawness of the surprise, pain, and anger to be expected. We both knew that if God was closing the door on this season of her life, He had another door for her to walk through later. We both knew, from our own faith journeys, that although it was not going to be pretty, it was not going to be something she would go through alone.

Image result for door imagesAs believers, we understand that there are seasons in all of our lives that consist of doors, windows, and pathways. Sometimes the door is being closed because the only way we will leave is if God locks it closed. That was what my family experienced right before we moved to Nebraska.

Other times God will present us with a window. It is transparent, but closed. It is time for God to show us what He has planned next, to allow us to imagine all the things we will experience with Him as we travel. But it is not time to act. Much like when Joseph was given the dreams before he became the Pharaoh’s second in command, we are given a glimpse of the vista we will soon be travelling through.

And then there are the pathways. God is allowing us the opportunity to go on an adventure with Him. To see new things, experience new relationships, and help build His kingdom. But we cannot go on these pathways if we are still standing in the room where we used to be. Where we used to serve or live.

Image result for path images

When it has been time to move in my own family, God has made it clear. We have watched doors close, said goodbye to the familiar, and packed up whatever it was that was with us. There are times when it will feel brutal, and tender from the breaking, yet even the brokenness can be used for greater purpose. In Isaiah 42:3 it says, A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice. . . The brokenness sometimes leaves us open to the healing we need before we go to the next thing, place, person, God has been preparing.

Dear Ones, where are you? Are you in a room where God is trying to close the door, but you won’t leave? Are you standing in front of a window, being restored by the quietness and simplicity of all that is in front of you? Or are you headed out, shoes tied, pack on your back, ready to take the next adventure God has planned for you?

It is up to you and your willingness to embrace what God is planning for you, O Best Beloved. It is up to you to listen for the Holy Spirit’s prompting to honor God by what you do next. Won’t you join me?

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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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