nothing compares

When I think of my Jesus, the very Jesus who came to die for me, I am overwhelmed. Being known by Jesus, having an intimate relationship with Him, being loved by Him and knowing His love has no expiration date makes me weep with gratitude. Nothing compares to knowing this kind of love. This kind of mercy. Grace. Joy. Blessing. Peace. Nothing is better than this.

I have sought love and acceptance, tried to run from pain, only to run into more pain. I have tried to erase the brokenness I felt, the scars I carried, the emptiness that surrounded me. I ran until I fell and skinned my knees and then ran some more. Until finally, one day, I ran right smack into Jesus Himself. I remember standing up and looking into His eyes, squaring my shoulders to prepare for a scolding and shaming that I knew I deserved. Instead, I saw love. Love that made Him bend down and clean my wounds and bandage them until they healed.

It was Love that took my hand and led me to a place of rest, a place of restoration, and a place of healing. I saw the hand of Jesus held out to me, reaching for my shattered soul, my broken heart and body to put it back into place. Giving me hope that I had never known, joy that seemed effervescent, and a sense of belonging to more than the scraps and rubbish I had been surrounded by in the past.

Jesus made the difference. When I look back over the past years and I see how His protection, direction, and correction have helped me grow and fall deeper in love with Him, I cannot imagine life without Him. Life isn’t life in it’s fullest without Him. No doubt life with Him isn’t full of sweet, quiet time and learning to pray. But, those moments of prayer are the greater work that allows us to step out in faith and love on those who don’t know the true meaning of the word. Those who were like me, lost, broken, tattered and torn.

My relationship with Jesus allows me to love the people who are loved by Him. His love allows me to reach out my hand to others, when I might have put it deep in my pocket in the past.

Nothing compares to the Love Jesus gives to me and to you. The question comes then, why would you seek anything else? Why go looking for things that will not be satisfying? Things that disappear with the sunset? Temporary life holds nothing to eternal life. Precious One, He is holding out His hand to you, take it. Accept the precious offer of salvation, friendship, sweet fellowship, adventure, and opportunity to grow and flourish with Him.


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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