there is love

**this is a cheesy post** consider yourself warned**

Today is my twentieth wedding anniversary, I was married at 1 p.m. CST. When my husband and I were engaged, we set our watches to 1 p.m. on the synchronization dial, just to remind us of the hour our lives would change. I have been a missus almost as long as I have been alive now and I wouldn’t trade my title for anything- not money, power, anything.

My husband, Andrew, still makes my heart go pitter-pat when I see him or think of him. Every time I tell him this, he rolls his eyes. I don’t think he understands how lucky and blessed I feel to be married to him. As I may have said before, Andrew had proposed to me in early 1994, about six months after my fiance had called of the wedding.

As my husband jokes, “You don’t tell a woman who just got dumped that the reason she got dumped was to marry you instead.” You see, Andrew had known I was the one he was supposed to marry within days of my fiance calling it all off. His faith in God’s direction was very strong and if God led him to it, then it must be true.

Fast forward two and a half years to June 1996. I called Andrew and when he answered, I blurted out, “Forget eighty, let’s go for forty.” We had previously made a pact to get married at eighty if we weren’t married to anyone else. He took a deep breath and said, “If I get married, I want to be young enough to play with my kids.”

I joked that when Charlie Chaplin was eighty he was playing with his kids. But Andrew was serious, so I asked, “How old do you want to be?” He responded with, “I want to be married by no later than thirty.” Suddenly, I found myself coming face-to-face with reality as Andrew was twenty-five at the time. It would be another nine months before I wrote a letter  telling him I would marry him.

God must laugh a lot. I used to pray for Andrew’s future wife to be full of grace, kind, and supportive. To be understanding of his sense of humor and a serious believer. I had prayed for my future husband to be a man of God and integrity, to be the leader, and to be loving and forgiving. Little did I know for whom I was praying.

Dear ones, I do not know your relationship status, but I know God does. Whether you are single, married, in a complicated relationship, or just finding yourself, God will meet you there. I did not plan to marry after my fiance broke up with me. I planned to be single and travel all over the world. I figured if one man didn’t want me, then no one else would either. The reality was that God was more than enough for me. If I was a wife, or “just” a sister and friend.

My husband and I have stood side-by-side and toe-to-toe over the years. We have been on the brink of divorce and deeper in love than ever. We have trained up two amazing young men and are now headed to the next season of marriage and parenting, the empty nest. I know the importance of loving my husband; being a wife first, and a mother second. Our kids will leave or have left, and Andrew and I will soon face each other alone. If our love and commitment cannot handle the new changes, then there are bigger issues at hand.

During the lighting of our unity candle, the song I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman played to set the tone of our marriage. We knew marriages could die and shatter, but we wanted everyone in attendance to know that we were committed to each other. As we have aged, I have found these lyrics to be proven again and again.

As sure as seasons are made for change
Our lifetimes are made for years
So I… I will be here

I will be here
And you can cry on my shoulder
When the mirror tells us we’re older
I will hold you
And I will be here
To watch you grow in beauty
And tell you all the things you are to me
I will be here, hmmm

I will be true to the promise I have made
To you and to the One who gave you to me

Happy anniversary, Sweetheart. I am so grateful for you.


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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