clocks and compasses

When I began my journey with God, I created a mental timeline so I could make sure I accomplished tasks by a particular date. I had mapped out my walk with Jesus, my relationship with my then boyfriend, my classes in college. I had it all mapped out, the clock was set, the calendar was written in to mark the important days.

God, on the other hand, had a compass that He wanted to give me. He knew that to walk with Him was not to accomplish tasks like a To-Do List until I got to Heaven. God knew that if I was going to grow with Him and learn from Him, I would need to let go of my clock. I could not hold both the compass and the clock because they were contradictory.

Looking back, I realize how boring my faith would have been if I had used a clock. I would have missed the blessings of learning about God’s goodness. I would have missed out on the joy of answered prayers. I would have missed out seeing the vistas and the valleys He has led me along. By trying to make my journey a straight line, I would not have been walking as Jesus did.

His ministry went where the Holy Spirit led Him. He went through Samaria (John 4:4) to meet a woman at a well. He went to meet men who were wild. He met people, broken inside and outside, and healed them. Jesus did not make a straight path to Jerusalem, He obeyed God’s plan and direction. If we look back and could trace the people who were part of our spiritual ancestry, we may find that one of those people Jesus met is the person who impacted our spiritual genealogy for Christ.

Our clocks may be necessary for our finite world, but we must let go of them when we walk with Jesus. He will lead us where we will be an instrument for the Kingdom. You may have been led to the job you have now by His compass. Your faith could be the light that introduces others to His Grace.

Wherever Jesus will lead us, we can choose to follow or we can choose to ignore the calling. It’s up to you, Dear Ones. How do you want to live? By a compass? Or a clock?


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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