symptoms and solutions

I have had a chronic cough since January of this year. It’s intensity fluctuates, but it is always a dry, non-productive cough. I have taken all sorts of medicine for it from cough medicine to acid reflux medicine to try to get it to subside. Eventually, I went to an ear, nose, and throat specialist who said my symptoms are from laryngeal reflux. Finally, I had a name for my cough. More specifically, I had a name for the cause of my cough.

Now, I am continuing to take tests to figure out if the trigger may be allergies or acid. The way we can solve it is to find the root of the problem. Treating the symptoms does not bring about a solution to the issue. It’s only by finding the cause that I can find a solution.

Life is the same way, we can focus on the symptoms or we can focus on the solution. The enemy wants us to be distracted by the symptoms to our anxiety, insecurity, struggles in our relationships, etc. The last thing he wants is for us to dig deeply to find the root of the issue. He knows once we find the root of the issue we are more likely to work on extracting that root.

We learn our anxiety is caused by worry and our worry comes from a lack of trust. Once we see that lack of trust for what it is- doubting God will care for us, then we can pray and ask God to increase our faith and to instill His peace. If we just look at the symptoms we may end up on medication, but lack a solution.

So many times Scripture reminds us that God is holding us. He wants us to be restored, redeemed, refreshed, and ready for the next adventure. If we aren’t focused on the right thing, we can become so busy with the wrong thing we will miss out on God’s plan for us.

In counseling, as you work through the issues, you are taught to look for the symptoms and then to dig at the root. Only by working that way will you be able to find resolution and hopefully a strategy for the future.

Best Beloved, where are your eyes focused? On the symptoms or the source? Are you trying to point out your problems and to make excuses or trying to find the solution?

Come to the Father, He is waiting to help you get to the solution of what you’re struggling against. Just come. He is there, hands open, ready to help. Ready to heal, ready to bring you into wholeness.

Come, just come.





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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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