free to look

I received a spam email yesterday with the tag line of “It’s free to look” under the sender’s address. I immediately deleted it, I knew it was nothing I needed. More importantly, the teaser made me want to wash my hands and shrug off the sense of slime. The email was for a dating site. While this may seem innocuous, to me it was very dangerous. I am a married woman, happily married in fact. The idea of “just looking” is the kind of slippery slope that has brought down many a marriage.

The enemy used this kind of thinking when he approached Eve in the garden, Jesus in the wilderness, and the heart of everyday believers. It is meant to appear innocent, but the underbelly is anything but innocent. Much like Edmund when he thought the White Witch was his friend, we quickly find ourselves in danger, when we don’t keep the boundaries we created.

God designed our eyes to take in images, but they didn’t come with erasers. Once something is seen it cannot be unseen. It is why I make a point to look only to my husband and no one else. I have had to draw a very strong, sturdy boundary around my heart and soul. I don’t want my heart to become dissatisfied with the very person God has given me.

For me this includes not reading romance novels, watching too many romantic-comedy movies, or even watching too many episodes of certain shows. I am able to see that a writer has set up the plot line for a character to develop in a particular way to draw in the reader. But when I put the book down or turn off the screen, I am in reality. I am married to a fallible man, who married a fallible woman. The characters I just left behind are meant to be better than real life. And that’s where the real danger begins.

Free does not come without consequences. We may think that we are in control of what is happening, but we rarely are in control. Eve learned this the hard way, she bought the lie of the enemy and Jesus paid the price.

When it comes to looking, my prayer is that God will open my eyes to see my husband as He sees him. Precious to God, beloved, worth the sacrifice of Jesus, a man of God who seeks God first, last, and always. In my husband’s case, I am free to look at anytime.

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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