Outside looking in

A friend and I have been discussing a contemporary classic novel often assigned to middle school-aged children. We’ve touched on how the themes and characters were developed, how those themes and storylines would be understood by the younger reader, and the introduction of heavier topics to a younger mind.

As I thought about this novel, I started creating a class assignment for students I no longer teach. However, the assignment is one that can be applied in life, not just the classroom.

What would be different in your life if the people you knew and situations you experienced were missing? Would you be as anxious? Would you be as loving? Would you be as bitter? As unforgiving? Would you be a hopeful? As cynical? Would you be able to love as easily?

How have you been impacted ?

These questions are not meant to be answered with yes or no. I ask them because I have seen the positive and negative impact others have on their children, the people within their family, their circle of friends. The relationships also impact how we relate to our Heavenly Father. Do we believe it when Scripture tells us that God loves us with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3)? Do we accept the grace He offers through the death and resurrection of Jesus?

Do we allow the wounds caused by others to prevent the healing offered by God?

I firmly believe that answer is yes.

Best Beloved, throughout our lives we have had people speaking to us, speaking into our souls about our worth, our value, our importance, and our acceptance. I have watched young women nearly destroy their marriages because of their early training in life. They were brought up by mothers and grandmothers who taught them to distrust men due to their own bad relationships.

I have watched couples instill in their children a profound love and respect for others because they modeled this love and respect in their own marriage. I am confident as the children grow they will in turn, share this same love and respect with others.

A precious friend, of over 35 years, has chosen to break the chains of her family of origin. She grew up with distrust and malicious revengeful behavior among those who had been emotionally injured in her family. Parents who no longer spoke with their children, siblings who tried to edge the other one out of the inheritance. When my friend married, she knew it was her opportunity to show her future children how to love unconditionally, to give grace, to be merciful. All these years later, she has succeeded. Her sons know that life lived with grace can come with heartache, but it is always worth it.

Dear Ones, the assignment I mentioned above is worth the reflection. Are you loving as you were loved? Are you holding grudges and teaching your children how to distrust others? Have you handed all of the pain that comes in your family heritage to our Heavenly Father and asked Him to meet you in the middle of your sorrows- to help you find healing?

Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling, describes it as the “art of receiving.” We need to learn how to train our heart and mind and soul to accept the perfect, healing love from our Heavenly Father.

His love and mercy, His grace and healing are one word away from being poured into our lives. That one word is Jesus.

Jesus carries the power of Heaven, the victory over the enemy and Hell itself. When we utter His name, the enemy must leave (James 4:7-8). The negative words, thoughts, and memories are all his work in the eternal scheme of things. Do not allow the enemy another moment to tear you down. Allow Jesus in, come into His healing. It is time to stop being on the outside looking in, believing you are not worthy of all Jesus is offering to you.

It’s time Best Beloved, just come in.

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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