Lay it all down

I was reading a post by a favorite writer and she said these words, “Just lay it all down.” I stopped reading any further. My eyes began to tear up. Yes, yes, I thought. That is what I want, to lay it all down.

My wishful heart to see my family with their hearts at peace. Marriages restored, children who truly know they are loved and treasured above all things. Hurts finally healed. Loss and sorrow laid down to never be picked up again. These are the things that I want to lay down at the feet of Jesus, at the foot of the Cross. I want to lay this down because my wishes have come to fruition.

I ache to lay down the homelessness, the brokenness, the addictions, the aching souls who long to be free of their chains. I want to put this all down at the foot of the Throne. My arms and mind are tired of holding them, tired of fighting with the demons who mock and threaten fear of failure.

So I want to lay it all down. Then I hear a whisper, Child, come. Come to me and climb into my lap. Lay your head on my chest and let me take away the weight you have been carrying. My Heavenly Father reminds me that I am to lay it all down so He can pick it up.

As I look at the presents under the Christmas tree, I realize that it was I want to present to Jesus. All the worries, the fears I have collected, the pain I have held onto, all of it- and lay it down. I want to give them to Jesus and never take them back again.

He did that for me, all those centuries ago, on another tree. He picked up the very things I laid down, even the things I didn’t, and by dying on the Cross He took away pain, addiction, loss, sorrow, brokenness. We may not see the healing, restoration, and answered prayers on this side of Heaven. It doesn’t make it easy, the waiting, but I am still willing to lay it all down.

So when I take a present from under the tree this year, I am going to lay a present down it’s place. I am praying I will come away with lighter hands and a lighter heart.

May it be so for you as well, Best Beloved.

Blessings to you and yours,


About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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