Here’s to the heroes and heroines

It would seem the world is waiting for the e new Avengers:Endgame movie which officially opens this weekend. I admit, I really have enjoyed the Marvel movies, so many of my favorite actors and actresses have been a part of them. While I enjoy Captain America and the like, I realize there are more tangible people I would rather celebrate.

In my hometown area the past two weeks or so, there has been a search for a young boy who mysteriously disappeared one night from his home. Yesterday his body was discovered, his parents are in custody. Police officers, firefighters, and community volunteers spent countless hours getting the word out to watch for the little boy, setting up search parties, any and everything that could possibly bring about a happy ending. The community has requested everyone wear blue in memory of this young boy.

My bonus-brother-in-law (outlaw) is a tow truck driver. He is often called to the site of serious accidents, semis that have jack-knifed on highways and the like. The state where he works has a law that requires people to slow down and move over in traffic when they see the flashing lights of emergency workers on the side of the road. Recently a state trooper was killed because a driver did not obey the law. My bonus-sister-in-law (in love), his wife, often posts Facebook reminders of the law to help spread the word to Slow down, Move over.

I have at least a half-dozen family members who work in the medical field. Most of them nurses, all of them a vital part of the care a person receives when admitted to the hospital. One of them, my mermaid-cousin I posted about before, works specifically with cancer patients. She is there with the family and the patient to assist with the hard things, the last things, which will help the patient “die well.” With dignity, honor, grace, and love. It is a task, a passion, and a gift that she has to meet each person with all she has, the same way she loved our grandparents and her father. A real-life Steel Magnolia.

Those same grandparents were married in 1936. She was a young, gentle-yet-determined farmer’s daughter who moved to another state to make money to send home to help out. Grandpa was a wise, amiable, farmer who saw her and knew she was the one. They were married for sixty-three years before he passed away. She joked him ten years later. They saw each other through the Great Depression, World War II, health scares, and untold number of other situations because they fully believed in their vows to each other. For better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, til death do us part.

My husband has been battling some pretty huge emotional issues the past six months. He has severe depression which has led to his admission for observation for both 24-hours and 72-hours. He has also decided to be honest with himself and come “out” of the closet. It has been a long time coming, nothing I did not know before we married. As he describes it, “I’m a gay man happily living a straight life.” It has been difficult for many to understand our personal story, why now, etc. After his life-long battle with trying to be who he was not, I am proud of his decision to come out.

The people I have mentioned above, they are my heroes and heroines. I admire their courage, tenacity, the determination to keep going forward when so many have given up.

Best Beloved, some days it is necessary to take stock in who and what you believe in, who you look to for courage. Yes, every single day my faith is what helps me climb out of bed. Never a doubt about to Whom I am grateful. I just know that those who do the day-to-day tasks that go unnoticed by so many, are not unnoticed by me.

Who do you need to say thank you to today? Who is overdue for that thank you? It’s time to say it. Sing their praises or maybe just whisper in their ear. Don’t let the day go by, your word of encouragement may be the very word they need to keep going forward.



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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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