What to do, what to do

When Jesus was crucified and His body entombed, the disciples were left with no one to follow, no further miracles to perform. So they returned to what they knew, including Simon Peter who went back to fishing. This is where Jesus would find Him, out in his boat, seeking a catch and not finding it. Until Jesus told him to lower his nets on the right side of the boat. The catch nearly sank the boat (John 21:1-7).

This is what I have done this past week; I have “gone fishing.” I have done projects around the property that I have wanted to do, but never had the time to do them in a single weekend. I mowed the yard around the house, I cut the side yard, where the goats and sheep would graze, washed the dishes, cared for the critters, and made dinner. I also applied to a school for a teaching position.

I planted raspberry bush shoots from my friend, making a total of at least 9 shoots that should become bushes full of berries in a couple seasons. I took a call from a recruiter who mentioned a couple of positions that were open. I applied to them and another opening at a different company. I painted a metal wagon wheel that was once used on the farm.

I painted our mailbox, the milk can and lid, put out my hammock, scrubbed out and cleaned the old three-seater outhouse we had used for storage and such. I took a call from the recruiter telling me that I was wanted for an interview. It was set up for today. I also painted our shed hay-mow door with my version of a barn quilt.

And today. A week after being let go, I had an interview that went well. I will learn the outcome in a week or two. Each day I found myself doing the very things I needed to do to keep going forward.

I did not sit and wait for God to come in and tap my shoulder. I knew I needed to keep moving. It isn’t the adage of “God helps those who help themselves” which isn’t even Biblical. What I did however is lean into God (Proverbs 3:5-6), I waited on Him (Psalm 27:4).

I trusted in Him and His timing, delighted in Him, committed myself to Him, I was still waiting for Him. I did not turn to anger, I hoped in the LORD (Psalm 37:3-9).

It was never my “job” to try to solve my situation by myself. I was instead to entrust it to my God, Who was not surprised last Friday when I was let go. He has never said, Gee, I didn’t see that coming. He is the God of yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

I do not fret, I do not worry, I continue to go forward with me by His side. He is in charge, I am to trust.

I am at peace, content in where I am and WHOSE I am. That will never change, no matter who signs the check, God is the One who holds everything in the palm of His hands. I will always hold on to them.

About gretchenr17

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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2 Responses to What to do, what to do

  1. Binki Fry says:

    Your words always encourage me. Thank you so much.

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