Squares, triangles, and icosahedrons

Geometry was not my favorite class in high school. I have often said the reason I had good grades in geometry was because my boyfriend at the time tutored me. I may not have known the equations that created a shape, but I still found myself drawn to them.

A triangle can be two dimensional or it can be multidimensional, like a pyramid. The shape becomes more than the simple design from preschool. It has depth, it has space within to hold something or cover and protect a person or an item (think classic tent shapes).

Squares become cubes like the Rubik’s cube, the Borg cube in Star Trek, the simple shape of a house when drawn by a small child. Again, so many options to hold, contain, or protect items within.

As for the icosahedron; it is a polyhedron with 20 faces. The name comes from Ancient Greek εἴκοσι, meaning ‘twenty’, and ἕδρα, meaning ‘seat’.

What all of these shapes cannot do is contain a person; their personality, likes, dislikes, skills, talents, and dreams. The human body and soul are both mortal and immortal. One will eventually stop functioning and the other will continue living for eternity. How can anyone fully understand this truth and still want to force a person to conform to a particular shape, ultimately trying to control him or her?

As my husband continues to learn how to bring both aspects of his life together, we have encountered people who believe that as a gay man he should divorce me and embrace his “gayness.” Then, there are those who state our faith forbids him to have these feelings and that he should repent and beg forgiveness from God and me, living contrite for the rest of his life.

Nothing is that simple. I wish it was, believe me. I would like nothing better than to have a delete button on all the things that don’t “fit” the way life is supposed to be. War, famine, human trafficking, they are all terrible. I would love to delete these things from our world. But God gave us all free will and that means that there are things we will choose to do or not do, that are contrary to Him.

Being gay or straight for that matter, should not be the way we see a person. A person is created in the image of God. Trying to cubby-hole the people in our lives diminishes this fact. While watching a recent episode of Mixish I heard these words being confirmed.

The main character, Rainbow, who is the daughter of a white father and a black mother, is struggling with stereotypes. One of the things she said in the episode was that by stereotyping a person, it allows them to become less of who they are, a person who is less than human can then become a thing instead of a person. From my viewpoint as a believer, that kind of thinking is dangerous. It’s the gasoline poured on division. It is the kind of thinking the enemy relishes.

After all, he has been causing division since God made Adam and Eve.

In my life I have friends and family who lean to the left, lean to the right, or sit in the middle politically. While I may not agree with everything they post to social media, I still value them. They have been a part of my life’s journey and they are treasured.

Trying to put anyone of them into a shape, whether its a triangle, square, or icosahedron would be a mistake. It would take away parts of who they are and who they maybe become. My husband has a statement online os his social media feeds that says, “I am a gay man happily living a straight life.” No cubby-holes can make this fit.

Just like my last post, I don’t have a ribbon of Scripture with which to tie this up. I do not want a theological, sociological, or any other ogical debate. Just pray. Pray with your whole heart, honestly, and ask God to open your eyes to see people as He sees them. Made in His image, with an ever-living-never-dying-soul, and ask Him to lead you in the next steps. It could be introducing yourself, paying for their cup of coffee, it could be learning about who they are and their journey.

The enemy has been winning a lot of skirmishes and battles lately using division. Let us remind him, that God is about multiplication (wherever two or more are gathered in my Name, I am there among them, Matthew 18:20).

Best Beloved, shapes are great for geometry. The only shape we as believers should be using when we meet people is the shape of the human heart and the shape of the Cross. From the view of eternity, nothing else after.



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Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Writer, farmer, fellow sojourner... at every turn I learn a bit more about God's wild mercies.
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